Hello! My name is Bernie! Welcome to my new Blog! I will tell you a little about me. A lot has happened since 2010 when I first began my Reiki journey.

I found that Reiki was so helpful in my work as a Hospice nurse, and then I decided to offer this healing practice to others. Reiki also helps me in my everyday life. In 2016, I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. I originally decided to take the Yoga Teacher Training to deepen my personal Yoga practice. Once I got into the training, I realized that I would like to teach Yoga to people like me, who might not think that they could do Yoga. I found a home teaching Chair Yoga. Soon after that, I took Aqua Yoga Training, and I found another home which combined my love of water with Yoga. In the water, one can do many things they can’t do on land. Since then, I have been teaching Chair Yoga, Aqua Yoga, and gentle mat Yoga. And then the Coronavirus came to the United States! And my Yoga classes and my Reiki practice were put on hold. Fortunately a few weeks before we were asked to shelter in place, I had recorded a video “Chair Yoga with Bernie” and put in on YouTube! I also had a few DVD copies made for my students who don’t use the computer or have YouTube on tv. My students were very happy to be able to continue their Yoga practice at home. I am not able to see Reiki clients safely at this time. I do send Reiki to my clients regularly and to anyone else who contacts me specifically. I look forward to meeting up in person again with students and clients. I realize it may not be for quite some time. I hope we all stay home and stay safe!

So, now that we are all staying at home to stay safe, how does that feel? Do we like being at home? What do we miss about not being able to do what we normally do? Has this strained any relationships with those we live with? What are our coping practices? Have we learned anything about ourselves? Have we learned anything new? When we are allowed to congregate again, what will we do differently? Are there changes we want to make? Are there old habits that we want to let go of? So many questions!

A wise friend was going through some serious health issues a few years ago. During that time, she said she envisioned her life as the top deck of a ship. When she got sick, she cleared everything off of it. As she healed and recovered from her illness, she slowly put things back on her deck that she needed and wanted. She left other things off which no longer served her highest good.

I am thinking of my life like the deck of a ship these days. I am re-evaluating what works for me and what doesn’t. It is amazing that going through challenging times can provide us with opportunities for change and growth.

My Yoga and Reiki practices continue to help me through this time. I look forward to meeting up with friends and clients in person. Until then, I will stay home and stay safe, wear a mask when I have to go out, and practice safe distancing to keep myself and others safe. I will continue to support local food banks and causes which help many who are not able to work at this time. Each day I send love and healing to our world and to each living being. May you be well, be happy, be peaceful! Namaste

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